History / Milestones

2018 – Captain Wesley S. Sanders assumed command of SSC Atlantic Oct. 18, 2018.

2015 – Captain Scott D. Heller assumed command of SSC Atlantic July 31, 2015.

2013 – Captain Amy D. Burin assumed command of SSC Atlantic August 8, 2013.

2012 – SSC Atlantic unveiled a new data center in October 2012, which is playing a key role in consolidating more than 100 Navy data centers to increase effectiveness and efficiency and reduce costs while still meeting the Navy’s security and operational requirements.

2011 – Captain (Sel) Mark Glover assumed command of SSC Atlantic July 28, 2011. Glover was officially promoted to the rank of Navy captain September 1, 2011.

2008 – SSC Atlantic was commissioned September 29, 2008 during ceremonies in Charleston, S.C., Norfolk, Va., and New Orleans, La. Under the command of Captain Bruce Urbon, SSC Atlantic unites the former SSC Charleston, SSC Norfolk and SSC New Orleans sites, along with several others in the continental United States and strategic satellite offices in Europe, the Middle East and Antarctica. SSC Atlantic also incorporates approximately 48 civilian former employees of SSC San Diego who work in the Tidewater, Va., area to support the Atlantic fleet. SSC Atlantic has more than 3,400 government employees, 120 military personnel and significant industry partnerships.

2002 – In January 2002, SSC Chesapeake physically relocated to Norfolk Naval Base and became SSC Norfolk.

2000 – SSC New Orleans officially became part of the SPAWAR family in November and was initially called the Space and Naval Warfare Information Technology Center.

1999 – Officials from Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command (NCTC) signed an agreement August10, 1999 to transfer its Navy Working Capital Fund (NWCF) activities and associated NCTC headquarters personnel directly supporting NWCF activities to the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. NCTC activities in Norfolk, Va., Washington, D.C., Pensacola and Jacksonville, Fla., transferred to SSC Charleston.

1999 – The doors of SSC New Orleans were officially opened in dedication ceremonies in May 1999, but the center’s personnel, like the city, have a long-standing relationship with the Navy. In fact, SSC New Orleans actually traces its origins back nearly a quarter of a century when the Naval Reserve, which is headquartered in New Orleans, began using computers and information technology to automate business processes related to manpower, personnel, pay and training.

1997 – The Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition designated COMNAVRESFOR the Systems Executive Officer for Manpower and Personnel (SEO(MP)), with assigned responsibility for acquisition and program management of all Navy manpower and personnel information resources, as well as designated Department of Defense personnel and pay systems. NAVRESINFOSYSOFF worked closely with the SEO(MP) staff, providing technical execution expertise, systems engineering, and operation and maintenance of systems under the purview of the SEO(MP). The two organizations were co-located at the Naval Support Activity in New Orleans. Also in 1997, with increasing command-critical Navy work being executed in New Orleans, federal, state and local officials obtained approval from the Navy to partner with the local academic community and private industry to establish an Information Technology Center in the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park, then under construction adjacent to the University’s Lakefront campus.

1997 – On September 30, 1997 a BRAC decision merged the Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center into its parent command, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. As a result, the field activities were renamed and NISE East became SSC Charleston.

1997 – In October, the Navy Management Systems Support Office joined with SPAWAR and became SSC Chesapeake.

1995 – The office was formally designated the Naval Reserve Information Systems Office (NAVRESINFOSYSOFF) and conferred Echelon III status. NAVRESINFOSYSOFF became the central design agency for Naval Reserve manpower, personnel and training systems. Based on its excellent record of customer service and rapid deployment of systems, NAVRESINFOSYSOFF in 1997 was designated as the central design agency for many Navy manpower and personnel systems, and assumed responsibility for managing and maintaining dozens of Navy legacy programs.

1993 – A naval command was commissioned January 9, 1994, establishing the Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center, In-Service Engineering, East Coast Division (NISE East). The consolidation was the result of the 1993 Base Closure and Realignment Commission decision. This new command brought together the expertise of approximately 1,000 federal workers from four former naval activities along the East Coast:

  • Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Center in Charleston, SC
  • Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Center in Portsmouth, VA
  • Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Activity in St. Inigoes, MD
  • Naval Electronic Systems Security Engineering Center in Washington, D.C.

1981 – The command’s mission expanded to include automation responsibilities for key fleet business areas including aviation.

1978 – Navy Management Systems Support Office was established to support three existing fleet systems operating at 81 sites.