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Photo of LS1 Dorian M. Walker

April 5, 2024

LS1 Dorian M. Walker

Command Career Counselor from Norfolk, VA

Today we celebrate Logistics Specialist 1st Class (LS1) Dorian Walker as the next Legend of NIWC Atlantic.

Walker, who hails from New York, NY, is stationed in Norfolk and has been supporting NIWC Atlantic's mission as a Command Career Counselor (CCC). Career Counselors are an invaluable asset to Sailors, and use their expertise on the Navy's needs to help steer Sailors towards making wise career decisions that best fit their skill set.

Since she arrived on board in May 2022, LS1 has helped Sailors find their niche in the command by exploring and evaluating their education, training, work history, interests, personality traits, and physical capacities and limitations.

Like all other CCCs, LS1 Walker serve as a critical link between a Sailor, their command, and supporting Navy organizations, especially the Navy Personnel Command, which aims to provide them with meaningful career opportunities.

As a CCC, LS1 works on behalf of the commanding officer, and is responsible for managing the command's Career Development Program (CDP).  Assigned to a position of great trust, the CCC reports directly to the executive officer via the command master chief, chief of the boat, or senior enlisted leader on all matters related to CDP management.

“It's a role that requires strong interpersonal skills, empathy, and a genuine desire to help others succeed in their professional lives," says LS1 Walker. “I often find satisfaction when seeing Sailors achieve their career goals and find fulfillment in their work." It’s more than a nine-to-five job for career counselors like Walker. It’s an unwavering effort to ensure Sailors feel capable and prepared in their roles, are equipped with resources, and are provided with the right expertise at any point in their career.

Thank you, LS1 Dorian Walker, for all you do to help Sailors find success!

Photo of Sha'Kia Boggan

January 23, 2024

Sha'Kia Boggan

Computer Scientist From Charleston, SC

Sha'Kia Boggan, from Monroe, NC, has supported NIWC Atlantic for over 11 years. As a Computer Scientist, she has spent her time working with the Defense Health Readiness Engineering (DHRE) IPT within the Shore C2ISR Department's Defense Health Information Technology (DHIT) Division. Sha'Kia credits her impactful leadership for helping her develop the skills necessary to effectively navigate the roles across the IPT's largest projects. 

“I am a MCLP-22 graduate currently on rotation with the 5.0 Engineering Competency, where I’m afforded valuable engagements with Senior leadership and plugged in to impactful command initiatives," says Boggan. “I am most proud of my direct engagement with the warfighter at the NATO Role 3 hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan, to provide system administration and support for the systems being used for documenting medical encounters. It was during these two tours, observing a medical application, that I contributed to the testing and implementation of a system being used in a wartime environment, where I realized the importance of my commitment to the warfighter. This commitment fuels my passion for my work to this day.” 

In addition to her day-to-day responsibilities, she recently took on the role of leading the communication and logistics of team Charleston's 2023 Toys for Tots Holiday Event. Weekly, she met with a team to listen to ideas, problem solve, and delegate tasks so that NIWC Atlantic team members and their families could donate to children in need while participating in some holiday cheer. Whether in hospitals of Afghanistan or in building 3147, her commitment to the warfighter is evident in each new challenge she tackles. 

Photo of Matt Schippmann

November 2, 2023

Matt Schippmann

From Sacramento, CA

"I currently serve as a Networks and Communications competency supervisor for employees located within the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV).  These employees have challenging positions like supporting the Program Executive Office and Program Management Office, giving IPTs valuable insight for execution and ensuring the warfighter receives the best possible outcome, despite each challenge the program may face.

I also serve as the Quantico facility manager, supporting the office end-to-end services and its staff.  We are currently working on the finishing touches of the facility, which include rack power distribution services, end-user networks, and enablement of the classified lab."

Photo of Michael Sinegar

October 16, 2023

Michael Sinegar

Computer Scientist from New Orleans, LA.

"In addition to my core job as a software developer on the My Navy Assignment (MNA) team, I am also involved in the NMCI Invoice Tiger Team, the New Professional Council, the NOLA STEM planning team, the NOLA Tech Exchange planning committee, and the NAVWAR Inclusive Workforce group.  My favorite thing about my job is taking advantage of various opportunities to expose myself to new things in order to grow and improve.  Specifically, I enjoy my position as a mentor on my project.  I love being a source of support and guidance for new developers."

Photo of Donald Zuvich holding VR goggles

September 21, 2023

Donald Zuvich

Computer Scientist from Belle Chase, LA.

"I work with the performance, operations, and engineering teams on the Navy Personnel and Pay (NP2) project to ensure the application meets the sailor's needs. Additionally, I build prototypes that explore the potential of spatial computing and machine learning to discover innovative ways to leverage them for the sailor. I really enjoy working with brilliant people and cutting-edge technology to solve sailor problems, and sharing my passion for technology by mentoring new professionals and summer interns and giving them opportunities to experience what's possible."

Photo of Devon Vance

September 1, 2023

Devon Vance

Software Assurance Lead from Belle Chase, LA.

“I am the Software Assurance (SwA) Team Lead for MyNavy HR IT Solutions (PMW240) providing code quality and compliance support of over two dozen Navy Applications and direct support of over two dozen Mobile Applications featured in the Navy App Locker (NAL) and App Stores. Our team has most recently improved our time to delivery by facilitating centralized scanning, storage, and reporting of static analysis scans in the Cloud through work with the Portfolio Systems Integrator (PSI) Team. The new capabilities allow us to respond rapidly to urgent releases with a higher level of accuracy and consistency supporting Navy Personnel Application Cybersecurity.” 

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