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Fleet C4I and Readiness Department

Rapidly delivering and sustaining effective information warfare capabilities to the Fleet.

  • FY23: 166 Programs / Projects
  • Engineer (design, develop and test) new C4ISR capabilities that give our Fleet an advantage over adversaries.
  • Integrate C4ISR systems into the U.S. Navy’s newest and most advanced ships and submarines.
  • Install C2, intel, communications, networks and applications for the Fleet.
  • Support Fleet C4ISR systems to maintain operational availability and complete lifecycle engineering
Customer Areas
  • PMW 120
  • PMW 130
  • PMW 150
  • PMW 160
  • PMW 170
  • PMW 740
  • PMW 750/760
  • PMW 770
  • PMW 790
  • FRD
  • USCG
  • Fleet Cyber
  • Numbered Fleets

Warfighting Thrust Areas

Powering forward to give our Fleet an advantage over adversaries

  • Thrust Area 1: Cybersecurity
    • Goal: Become a cybersecurity center of excellence by ingraining cybersecurity practices in all of our engineering efforts.
    • Initiatives: Improve understanding of current guidance through training, document and share current cyber tasking across the Department and improve vulnerability and patch mgmt. for lab systems and program baselines.
    • Technology Focus Area Alignment: Cybersecurity; Assured Comms
  • Thrust Area 2: Innovative Culture
    • Goal: Increase the number of IPTs creating their own future curve by pursuing improvement opportunities – new warfighter technical solutions, workforce training and lab improvements.
    • Initiatives: Network and Data Center Intelligent Assistant; Examination of RF Propagation Commonality Strategies using Radiating Coaxial Cables; Orchestration Architecture for Military RF Communications Systems; Remote Testing at the NIEF; Tactical, Deployable MUOS; Resilient Communications Workshop; MBSE to MBT/RPA
    • Technology Focus Area Alignment: Assured Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Model Based Systems Engineering
  • Thrust Area 3: High Velocity Learning
    • Goal: Create technical transparency across our IPTs and improve awareness of how system capabilities are used by the warfighter to support missions.
    • Initiatives: Quarterly IPT Tri-charts, monthly Thrust Area meetings, Mission Competency development leadership and support.

Delivering mission critical information warfare capabilities to the Warfighter

Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic is a Navy Engineering and Information Technology Command and part of the Naval Research and Development Establishment.

Our work is shaped by requirements that demand research and engineering with the goal of delivering the operational advantage gained from fully integrating Naval information functions, capabilities and resources to optimize decision making and maximize warfighting effects.

We deliver the products and solutions that help our customers accomplish their mission today and into the future and, most importantly, serve our nation by delivering information warfare solutions that protect national security.

Fleet C4I and Readiness Divisions

Battlespace Awareness Division (PMW 120)

Delivers intelligence and IO products and services to Warfighters, with primary customer PMW 120 (ISR/IO). Provides the ISR/IO Capability-Based In-Service Engineering Activity (CB-ISEA) services.

  • Afloat Signals Exploitation
  • Distributed Common Ground System-Navy (DCGS-N)
  • Integrated Undersea Surveillance Systems (IUSS)

Information Assurance and Navy Cybersecurity Division (PMW 130)

Delivers cybersecurity protection of DOD IT and telecom systems with cryptographic, network and host-based security products that ensure strong authentication, data integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation and availability of network information.

  • Navy Cyber
  • Network Security
  • Crypto and Key Management
  • Multi-Level Security Engineering (MLSE)

Navy Afloat Networks and Command & Control Applications Division (PMW 150 & 160)

Rapidly deliver integrated wide area, local networking and foundation computing systems products and services to Warfighters. Delivers operational and tactical command and control capabilities by integrating real-time and near real-time representations of tactical situations, providing targeting support and chemical/biological warnings. Major systems include CANES, ADNS, ISNS, CENTRIXS, CES, Afloat Readiness Reporting System, Global Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System, Global C2 System – Maritime, Global C2 System – Joint, theatre Battlefield Management Command System, Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System, Air Defense Systems Integrator, Link-11, Link Monitoring Management Tool and Multi-Data Link Management System.

  • Tactical Networks SW Support
  • CANES Engineering
  • TACNET Deployment
  • Naval C2

Navy Afloat Transport and Navigation Division (PMW 170)

Provides engineering integration and lifecycle support to Navy Afloat Transport Systems. Integrate, deliver and support interoperable communications, enabling seamless Fleet operations. Provides improvements to GPS receivers and antennas and non-GPS sensors and systems. Integrates, tests and evaluates, sustains and supports software-defined radio communications solutions for the Warfighter.

  • Afloat Transport Systems
  • SW Defined Radio
  • Position, Navigation & Timing Engineering
  • Position, Navigation & Timing ISEA
  • Radio Communications

Foreign Military Sales / Air Integration / Coast Guard Division (PMW 740)

Delivers and integrates tailored, C4I-releasable systems to foreign partners through Foreign Military Sales and Foreign Military Financing to enhance interoperability between the U.S. and international partners. Provides engr. integration and lifecycle support for Navy TacMobile along with C4I systems integration, installation and testing for new construction USCG ships.

  • TacMobile
  • USCG
  • C4I FMS

Surface Ship Integration Division (PMW 750/760)

Delivers integrated and interoperable C4I capabilities and support to new construction Navy aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, command ships and aircraft. Designs, integrates and tests interoperable C4I end-to-end capabilities to Navy and Military Sealift Command ships during new construction and modernization. Additionally, provides Cyber Security support for the Cooperative Engagement Capability program and full lifecycle support for surface ship wired and wireless Interior Communication Systems.

  • Surface New Construction
  • Large Deck New Construction
  • Interior Comms

Submarine Integration Division (PMW 770)

Delivers vital naval capabilities by connecting the entire undersea architecture of manned and unmanned systems and undersea vehicles to maximize joint warfighting capability.

  • Submarine CWITTs & SWFTS Modernization
  • Afloat Submarine C4I
  • Shore Submarine C4I
  • Sub Software & Tools Development

Shore C4I Integration Division (PMW 790)

Delivers integrated and interoperable C4I capabilities and support to the Navy’s shore and expeditionary forces through modernization, acquisition and system integration.

  • Naval Messaging
  • Tactical Shore Systems
  • Unified Capabilities Voice Solutions
  • Secured Voice Solutions
  • Multi Media
  • USNO Engineering

Fleet Installations and Response Division

Provides direct Fleet support after new platform delivery through the Fleet Support Office, Fleet modernization through the Installation Execution Office and Fleet sustainment of system performance through the In-Service Engineering. Agent. Provide support to NAVSUP’s Performance Based Logistics through its PBL Office by refurbishing, repairing and re-engineering selected components, equipment and sub-systems for critical items no longer serviced by Original Equipment Manufacturer providers.

  • Surface Modernization Force Level
  • Sufrace Modernization Unit Level
  • Fleet Support Office
  • Submarine Modernization C4I
  • Shore Mondernization
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