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Contractor Check-In / Check-Out

This page provides information on initiating the in-processing and out-processing of a contractor at NIWC Atlantic.

SWAT Check-out Application

The new SWAT Check-Out application was released July 2023. This new tool will replace the 5500_3 Contractor Check List Form for contractors checking out of NIWC Atlantic. All contractors with access to the SWAT Check-In application will automatically have access to the SWAT Check-Out application. 

Contractors performing work on a NIWC Atlantic contract must receive a Common Access Card (CAC) if physical or logical (Information Technology (IT)) access is required. Requests for CACs, IT accounts, assets and facilities access (badge) are submitted via the Check-In Application in the SWAT Tool.

Contractors no longer performing work for a NIWC Atlantic contract must be checked out of the command via the Check-Out Application in the SWAT Tool. The contractor must ensure the employee returns all applicable Government credentials (keys, CAC, site badges, tokens, etc.), ensure any assigned Government-furnished property (e.g., laptops) are returned to the appropriate locations, and all procedures are followed (see step by step guide located in the SWAT Check-Out application).

SWAT Screenshot Image

SWAT Check-In

A SWAT Check-In account is required to request contractor check-in processing. Instructions for obtaining an account can be found in the Access Instruction - Check In Guide

  • Access Instructions - Check In (docx, 1.5kb)
    View | Download
  • SWAT Initiator Checklist for PERSEC ACCESS CONTROL MPAS (docx, 68kb)
    View | Download
  • Quick-Start SAAR Guide v1 (DD Form 2875) (pdf, 684kb)
    View | Download

When requesting IT accounts and facilities access, the following training and documentation is required and should be attached to the SWAT Check-In request.

  • System Authorization Access Request SAAR (DD Form 2875) (pdf, 57kb)
    View | Download
  • Navy User Agreement Template (pdf, 208kb)
    View | Download
  • Cyber Awareness Challenge (
    Online training course is required to be taken at initial employment and annually.

    Complete the training, print the certificate, submit to your project manager and attach to the SWAT Check-In request.

CAC appointments may be scheduled once the NIWC Atlantic MPAS (Mission Partner Affiliation Sponsor) has emailed approval and instructions to the contractor applicant.

SWAT Check-Out

Contractors with access to the SWAT Check-In application will automatically receive access to the SWAT Check-Out application.  The contractor is responsible for the return of government property and will be held responsible for any outstanding procedures not completed at the time of Check-Out.  Please see the step-by-step guide located in the SWAT Check-Out application.

Access Instructions - Check-Out (docx, 679kb) View | Download

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