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Contractor Check-In / Check-Out

This page provides valuable information on initiating the in-processing and out processing of a contractor at NIWC Atlantic.

SWAT Check-out Application

The new SWAT Check-Out application was released July 2023. This new tool will replace the 5500_3 Contractor Check List Form for contractors checking out of NIWC Atlantic. All contractors with access to the SWAT Check-In application will automatically have access to the SWAT Check-Out application. 

Contractors performing work on a NIWC Atlantic contract must receive a Common Access Card (CAC) if physical or logical (Information Technology (IT)) access is required. Requests for CACs, space allocation, IT accounts, assets and facilities access (badge) are submitted via the Check-In Application in the SWAT Tool.

Contractors no longer performing work for a NIWC Atlantic contract must be checked out of the command via the Check-Out Application in the SWAT Tool. The contractor must ensure the employee returns all applicable Government credentials (keys, CAC, site badges, tokens, etc.), ensure any assigned Government-furnished property (e.g., laptops) are returned to the appropriate locations, and all procedures are followed (see step by step guide located in the SWAT Check-Out application).

SWAT Check-In

A SWAT Check-In account is required to request contractor check-in processing. Instructions for obtaining an account can be found in the Access Instruction Guide.

Download Access Instruction Check-In Guide

When requesting IT accounts and facilities access, the following training and documentation is required and should be attached to the SWAT Check-In request.

  • System Authorization Access Request Navy (SAAR-N) (OPNAV 5239/14) Rev 9-11
  • Cyber Awareness Challenge - online training course is required to be taken at initial employment and annually.
    Complete the training, print the certificate, submit to your project manager and attach to the SWAT Check-In request.

CAC appointments may be scheduled once the NIWC Atlantic Trusted Agent has emailed approval and instructions to the contractor applicant.

SWAT Check-Out

Contractors with access to the SWAT Check-In application will automatically receive access to the SWAT Check-Out application.  The contractor is responsible for the return of government property and will be held responsible for any outstanding procedures not completed at the time of Check-Out.  Please see the step-by-step guide located in the SWAT Check-Out application.

Download Access Instruction - Check-Out Guide

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For application related questions or issues, click the hammer icon from the SWAT application homepage, email the Software Services Customer Support Team at or use the contact form below. Please ensure your contact information is provided and a Customer Support member will call you back.

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