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Expeditionary Warfare Logo

Expeditionary Warfare Department

Rapidly delivering Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence and Reconnaissance, Cyber and IT systems and engineering services to meet the information warfare needs of the Marine Corps and Special Operations Command

  • FY23: 85 Programs / Projects
  • Deliver information warfare capabilities to the Marine Corps and Special Operations Command
  • Provide full spectrum C4ISR systems and services to Marines and Special Forces
  • Engineer end-to-end C4ISR systems in tactical vehicles
  • Develop and sustain Enterprise IT system capabilities and solutions
Customer Areas
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Air Force

Warfighting Thrust Areas

  • Enterprise IT service engineering that gives our warfighters the tactical advantage through enterprise reach back of core on-premise and Cloud services, cyber sensor and alerting, seamless mobility of 5G battlefield services and continuous agile processes like DevSecOps
  • Integrate artificial intelligence/machine learning and visualization technologies to create actionable intelligence for decision-makers. In parallel, field common, platform-agnostic SIGINT and EW solutions for the USMC and SOCOM
  • Equip Marines with mobile C3 facilities, systems and services for fused situational awareness, information-sharing and enhanced decision support processes
  • Research and develop C4ISR technologies on tactical vehicles to enhance MAGTF maneuver warfare.
  • Integrate/field tactical vehicles with the latest C4ISR technologies for the four service.
Areas of Emphasis
  • Wargaming and experimentation
  • Systems and capabilities that create mobility in the weapons engagement zone
  • Naval integration, sea control/sea denial objectives
  • Ensuring S&T and R&D progression

Delivering mission critical information warfare capabilities to the Warfighter

Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic is a Navy Engineering and Information Technology Command and part of the Naval Research and Development Establishment.

Our work is shaped by requirements that demand research and engineering with the goal of delivering the operational advantage gained from fully integrating Naval information functions, capabilities and resources to optimize decision making and maximize warfighting effects.

We deliver the products and solutions that help our customers accomplish their mission today and into the future and, most importantly, serve our nation by delivering information warfare solutions that protect national security.

Expeditionary Warfare Divisions

Expeditionary Intelligence Solutions (EIS) Division

Provides full spectrum expeditionary intelligence capabilities, technologies and solutions to the Warfighter.

  • Distributed Common Ground/Surface System - Marine Corps (DCGS-MC)
  • Expeditionary Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Sustainment
  • Expeditionary Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Special Ops ISR Solutions (SOIS)
  • Terrestrial Collections and Identity Operations (TCIO)

Expeditionary Enterprise Systems and Services (E2S2) Division

Provides the design, acquisition and sustainment of Naval and SOCOM information systems, to include Enterprise telecommunications infrastructure, streamlined and consolidated enterprise services, IT solutions for personnel logistics and enhanced cybersecurity.

  • Wireless Enterprise Systems and Services (WES2)
  • Enterprise Communication Infrastructure (ECI)
  • Enterprise Engineering and Integration Services (E2IS)
  • Enterprise Network Infrastructure (ENI)

Land Systems Integration (LSI) Division

Provides the design, engineering and full scale integration of C4ISR capabilities into tactical military vehicle platforms. Improves efficiency and effectiveness of integrating mission equipment on vehicle platforms for specific mission activities. Provides post-fielding sustainment support.

  • Vehicular Technology Transition (VTT)
  • Fielded Ground Vehicles (FVG)
  • Counter Threat Platforms (CTP)
  • Advanced Reconnaissance (AR)
  • Modern Vehicle Fielding (MVF)

Expeditionary Command, Control and Communications (C3) Solutions (EC3S) Division

Develops, integrates and equips the Marine Corps and Special Operations Command with mobile C3 facilities, devices and services that provide fused situational awareness, facilitate information sharing and enhances the decision support process.

  • Command and Control Situational Awareness (C2SA)
  • MAGTF C2 Services and Applications (MC2SA)
  • USMC Communications Systems (UCS)
  • Special Operations Communications Systems (SOCS)
  • Expeditionary Electronic Warfare System (EWS)
  • Tactical Services and Infrastructure
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