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  1. Dial 911 from the nearest available phone if there is safe to call from your location or pull the nearest building fire alarm as you exit the area.
  2. If calling from an office phone, know your building number and street location.
  3. Give the dispatcher your name and the nature of the fire and the location, (e.g., inside the building, outside the building, in trash, grass, car, or the building itself.
  4. If you are using a cell phone, simply state what installation and building the emergency is, and your call will be properly routed.


  • Help the person to drop on the floor and roll.
  • Smother the fire with a blanket, rug or heavy coat.
  • Call for help.


  1. Use extinguisher ONLY if you can do so without putting anybody at risk.
  2. Fight fire with your back towards an escape route.
  3. Ensure that the extinguisher matches the fire type.
  4. Only use if you are confident you can put out the fire.
  5. Do not use fire extinguisher if:
    1. The fire is large and has grown beyond its original confined space;
    2. Your escape path is threatened;
    3. You are not sure if you have the correct type of fire extinguisher.
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