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  1. Turn off or unplug electrical equipment that may present a hazard when power is restored.
  2. Follow instructions provided by NIWC Atlantic Charleston Faciilities.
  3. When instructed, evacuated the building.  Emergency lighting is temporary and designed to allow enough time to evacuate the building.  DO NOT remain in the building if the order has been given to evacuate.
  4. The elevators will NOT BE OPERATIONAL.
  5. Stairwells may be illuminated by emergency lighting or they may be dark.  A flashlight will assist in exiting if light is not available.
  6. For extended power outages, it may be necessary to call the advisory line at 1 (800) 793-6602, Press 1 for details concerning the status of the building and returning to work.

All power outages or power malfunctions shall be reported to Facilities (843) 218-4015

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