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If you are directed to exit the building during an emergency:

  1. Exit the building as quickly as possible and verbally advise other building personnel of the emergency on your way out.
  2. Assist coworker(s) who may be mobility impared.
  3. If you are above ground level, exit the building using the stairwell; never use an elevator during a fire emergency.
  4. Practice two exit routes out of your building; your primary route could be blocked by smoke or fire.
  5. Once safely out of the building, ALL employees shall congregate at a safe distance from the building.
  6. EACH EMPLOYEE shall contact his/her supervisor or muster as directed upon reaching a safe location.
  7. Do not re-enter the building until you are directed to do so by an official in charge or your supervisor.
  8. Do not attempt to leave the area by vehicle.  The added traffic flow may hamper incoming emergency vehicle access.
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