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AntiTerrorism / Force Protection

Force Protection Conditions (FPCONs) are progressive levels of a terrorist threat system that describes security measures to be taken in response to various terrorist threats.  FPCON levels are listed below from the lowest to highest.

FPCON NORMAL - This condition applies when a general global threat of possible terrorist activity exists and warrants a routing security posture.

FPCON ALPHA - This condition applies when there is an increased general threat of possible terrorist activity against personnel or facilities, the nature and extent of which are unpredictable.

FPCON BRAVO - Applies when an increased or more predictable threat of terrorist activity exists.

FPCON CHARLIE - Applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating that some form of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely.

FPCON DELTA - Applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a specific location or person is imminent.  FPCON Delta is usually declared as a localized condition.

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