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Major Earthquakes are not common occurrences, however, we are NOT exempt from having to deal with an earthquake. Charleston SC has a seismic history and there is evidence of fault lines from Summerville to Charleston.

During an Earthquake:

Earthquake steps: 1. Drop, 2. Cover, 3. Hold

  • Drop, Take Cover and Hold On.

    • Get under a table or desk and hold on to it.
    • If none available, drop and crawl to a corner of the room.
    • If you are near windows, face away from them and away from other glass.
    • Cover your head.
    • If you are caught outside, go to the nearest open space away from buildings or overhangs.
  • After the Earthquake Stops:

    • Check for personal injuries.
    • Evacuate the building using the closest, safest exit and muster at your assigned location.  (See section on Evacuation).
    • Building manager will conduct external visual inspection for any damage and contact Facilities Help Desk at (843) 218-4015 or appropriate installation personnel.

**Re-entry of building will be determined by NIWC Atlantic Facilities, appropriate installation personnel, or other Civil Engineering authority.

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