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Video by Chelsie Holloway

NIWC Atlantic Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP)

  • Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic
  • June 22, 2023 | 5:46

Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic’s Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) team works around the clock to ensure Department of Defense networks are secure from adversaries with ill-intent. The embedded video highlights the critical and growing cybersecurity capability NIWC Atlantic provides to protect the warfighter. Specifically, you’ll get a closer look at how NIWC Atlantic’s CSSP protects the Defense Health Agency and ensures hospitals maintain lifesaving network capabilities supporting 9.6 million service members, their family members and veterans.

The NIWC Atlantic CSSP has a wide reach, with services expanded to a range of Navy and DoD networks which continues to evolve with an ever-changing technology environment. Through partnerships with Naval Reserve units and geographically diverse internship programs with NIWC Pacific, the CSSP is growing a talented workforce to meet today and tomorrow’s threat environment. This all-star team includes network monitoring response professionals, senior analysts, counter-insider threat professionals and numerous network defenders.

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