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Cloud CITI

Cloud Capability Intergration Technical Initiative

The Cloud Capability Integrations Technical Initiative (CITI) project aims to provide cloud native services that increase our Mission Owner’s ability to deliver secure applications/services at a higher velocity.

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Cloud CITI Logo

Cloud Governance

Our cloud governance solution that will be deployed and managed by DC2HS to allow for an improved end user experience for Mission Owner administrators.  Our solution provides an easier means of managing cloud accounts, policies and recourse baselines, cost optimization, budget tracking and enforcements, and continuous compliance for better efficiency and security​​.

Download Slicksheet (pdf, 344kb)

Software Development Lifecycle Support

Our software development lifecycle support is a code repository, software deployment, and software collaboration tool. Rate includes runners, licensing, hosting. and costs related to maintaining an ATO.

Download Slicksheet (pdf, 338kb)

Remote Access Solution

DC2HS Remote Access Solution provides a cloud native remote access solution along with database management tools.  The DC2HS access solution is a fully managed non-persistent desktop with persistent storage that can replace the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that we have deployed through Citrix today.

Download Slicksheet (pdf, 373kb)

Cloud Management Service

Cloud Management Services include active container scanning, container admission criteria enforcement and much more.  This can be used to secure hosts, containers, and serverless functionality. Rate includes licensing, hosting and costs related to maintaining an ATO.

Download Slicksheet (pdf, 354kb)

Mission Owner Services for AWS Environments

DC2HS has developed capabilities that can be applied to Mission Owner environments in AWS. These capabilities reduce resource load, and human error for STIG compliance, ATO requirements and environment management.

Download Slicksheet (pdf, 318kb)

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