Contractor Check-In

Contractor Welcome – In-processing for contractor personnel with Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic

Welcome Industry Partners of Team SPAWAR!

This page provides valuable information on initiating the in-processing of a contractor at NIWC Atlantic.

Contractors performing work on an NIWC Atlantic contract must receive a Common Access Card (CAC) if physical or logical (Information Technology (IT)) access is required. Requests for CACs, space allocation, IT accounts, assets and facilities access (badge) are submitted via the ITSM Remedy System.

ITSM Remedy System

A Remedy Initiator account is required requesting contractor in-processing. Instructions for obtaining an account can be found in Section 3, Requesting Access to Remedy ITSM, in the Check-in and Move, Add, Change (MAC) User Guide.

When requesting IT accounts and facilities access, the following training and documentation is required and should be attached to the ITSM Remedy request.

CAC appointments may be scheduled once the NIWC Atlantic Trusted Agent has emailed approval and instructions to the contractor applicant.

The following documents can be helpful when completing the ITSM Remedy on-line Contractor Check-in form.

For questions regarding the Check-in process, please contact Accounts Management at 843 218-2487 or

For questions regarding the SAAR-N form or the Cyber Awareness Challenge, please contact the Information Systems Security Management office at 843 218-6651 or

For questions regarding facilities access, please contact NIWC Atlantic Visitor Control at 843-218-6886 or